Gamification & Serious Games

We loved making people at Scania move by trying something new

Creating an innovation routine is a real challenge in many ways. First because innovation is not naturally perceived as adding value to the organization in practical terms, compared to the core business of it. Due to Scania’s 60 years in Brazil, Corporate Relations was developing a series of marketing activations (a teaser-like activity, meant to […]

Gamification Anticipation Framework

Gamification will fail, says Gartner.  This is an often-quoted reference about gamification, and it brings, of course, doubts about if gamification should or should not be implemented. Gamification is the use of elements commonly belonging to games with a purpose that goes beyond pure entertainment. In the case of my study it was about the use of game elements in […]

Math Serious Game – Immunize Me!

Hiya! This is probably the first post in English I had ever written in a blog. It had to be done, though, since this post refers to a project I performed here at the University of Skövde, Sweden. This project was made with the support of the Swedish company IUS Information, the producer of the zCooly […]