O que são OKRs ?

Este post fala um pouco sobre OKRs (Objectives & Key Results), constrasta o conceito com KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), e apresenta um teste de conhecimento sobre OKRs através do link: https://bit.ly/teste-OKRs . Inclui também um vídeo explicativo. Traz também um vislumbre sobre como conectar a mentalidade ágil da Startup Enxuta quando o assunto é fazer hipóteses objetivas, que podem ser medidas, para criar um produto e aprender sempre que estamos buscando os objetivos corporativos. Read More

Gamification Anticipation Framework

Gamification will fail, says Gartner.  This is an often-quoted reference about gamification, and it brings, of course, doubts about if gamification should or should not be implemented. Gamification is the use of elements commonly belonging to games with a purpose that goes beyond pure entertainment. In the case of my study it was about the use of game elements in […] Read More

Math Serious Game – Immunize Me!

Hiya! This is probably the first post in English I had ever written in a blog. It had to be done, though, since this post refers to a project I performed here at the University of Skövde, Sweden. This project was made with the support of the Swedish company IUS Information, the producer of the zCooly […] Read More