About me

Clayton Freitas
Clayton Freitas

I’m a creative, hard-working professional with +10 years experience in Information Technology, Education & Training. I am especially interested in developing new products, and I love using game-like-mechanics, for this is a way to unleash the creativity so as to solve problems considering people while developing solutions to them.

The value of my contributions include:

  • Lead in the newly created Digital Transformation team, focusing on hyperautomation (RPA, Chatbots, Digital Signature & Low code Platforms, & other technologies) , saving FTEs for the company.
  • Successful interaction with customers from varied backgrounds, implementing taylor-made IT solutions for them;
  • Outstanding relationship management skills in several organizational levels;
  • Community Leadership – meetups & labs
  • Great communication skills (both oral and written) in several languages, allowing people to be on the same page and translating well technical terms into business language;
  • Problem-solving skills, driven by results, focusing on keeping the business running;
  • Great team leading skills, focusing on deliveries;
  • Development of an ERP to manage franchises in real time by a franchisor, integrating product catalogues and following up the sales in real-time of hundreds of stores;
  • Conduction of Proof of Concepts and Feasibility Studies to validate the launch of new products/solutions;
  • Great team orientation and a passionate for what I do, whatever it is I’m doing :);

I enjoy arts in all its forms, including visuals, education, writing. And I love interacting with people from the most varied backgrounds and cultures: this is the way with which you can really improve your self and allow you to have great experiences in whatever you’re doing.

  • Over 10 years’​ experience in software development and analysis;
  • Over 7 years leading teams in delivering IT solutions connected with enterprise strategies;
  • Over 2 years working with Gamification, Serious Games, Design Thinking.

I am always willing to help those around me, by trying to understand what concerns them and by discussing possible ideas in order to get into a solution together.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claytonfreitas/

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